By Charlot

By Charlot reinvents our relationship with plants and believes them to be true decorative ornaments. 

We have supported them in the creation of their first physical location with a test and learn approach. After several iterations of the concept, By Charlot set  it up in a second shop located in the 17th arrondissement.

By Charlot

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The issue of the brand: 

How relevant is a point of sale in the definition of the customer journey? 

Nestore’s part: 

To set up and evaluate its first retail concept. Their objectives: to improve customer experience and analyse its impact on customer journey. To set up a coherent embasement system to handle multiple interactive channels, especially the various shops. 

By Charlot
By Charlot
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"Actually, retail allows us to connect with the same customer base and not with a different one, but it allows us to connect with it in a physical way and, especially, to be able to offer experiences whose appeal is stronger than what we could do online. And I was talking about collaboration earlier. It is going to be an adequate way to express ourselves in terms of scenography and to make people discover unique collections of tops, etc…" (translated from french)
Charles Fossey, co-founder ofBy Charlot

By Charlot

By Charlot pop-up store:

By considering first that the plant is a liveful and beautiful product that deserves to be seen, it seemed obvious to the two founders that they needed to create a pop-up store By Charlot in the friendly district of the Batignolles. As each pot can be personalized online, they wanted to physically reproduce the experience. The shop is like a workshop in which each plant's unique characteristics emerge. 

By Charlot’s success, personalized plants: 

By Charlot’s idea was to make interior plants noble again by merging the pleasure to offer with green plants. By selecting the plants directly at the productor’s company and by themselves, the founders set up a local distribution channel, without any intermediaries. 

The pots are shaped with brass and ceramic. Obviously, the whole thing can be personalized with vinyl tags. 

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