The first meeting in France between NFT and retail. 

In a cosmic atmosphere, Cometh offers exceptional products specifically designed for the event, in collaboration with premium brands and sold with NFT that give specific rights in the game.


Discover the experimentations

The issue of the brand

How to reproduce the video game universe during an ephemeral event?
How to create a physical experience around NFT?

Nestore’s part

Research and development of the place, creation of events (workshops, tournaments, conferences), and setting up of collaborations for the creation of unique products for Cometh. 

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When the video game Cometh was created

The video game Cometh and NFTs

With a first version launched in February 2021, Cometh is an innovative collectible card game, where the player takes control of his NFT spaceship. It is on a barge, that together, we had fun creating an atypical place around the universe of the brand and events related to the blockchain.

In a dedicated retail space, you will be able to discover their unique product range. The lounge area will allow you to relax, entertain yourself or even exchange with other Soldiers, around a refreshment prepared by the barista, a brunch or an afterwork.

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