New district, new target, new branding, the historical brand Chantelle tests its concept in a pop-up store, in this boutique located rue des Abbesses. Traditionally in the heart of St Germain des Prés, the brand, perceived for its chic lace, emphasizes its innovative character with a range that is not very well represented in its traditional boutiques. In the heart of Abbesses, the brand wants to pick up a younger and trendy target, and to learn how its new products will be received by the younger target. 


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The issue of the brand

Which target and which location to come and test the new range of a historical brand?

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Detection of the location in accordance with the target and the desired period.  

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The pop-up store lab Chantelle, rue des Abesses

On rue des Abbesses, the historic lingerie brand Chantelle Paris opens the doors of its first Parisian pop-up store, entirely dedicated to the "Chantelle Lab". Known for its chic lace, the French lingerie house is emphasizing its innovative character with a range that is not yet represented in its traditional stores: underwear made of ultra-stretchy SoftStretch material, recyclable bras, menstrual panties and corsetry.

If the brand wishes to highlight femininity with a capital F, it is also the opportunity to pick up a younger and trendy target, and to appreciate the reception of its new range on the market. The Chantelle pop-up store is presented as an inclusive place, where the brand wants to reinvent the codes of femininity.

And to make the experience even more beautiful, we let ourselves be amazed by the work of the artist Faustine Badrichani inspired by the female silhouette.

Chantelle, a historical brand

We must go back to 1876 to know the beginnings of the Chantelle brand around which François Auguste Gamichon and the Kretz Family are at the origin of many innovations in stockings. In 1949, the Chantelle brand was born and established its reputation with the famous slogan: "Chantelle, the sheath that does not go up".

Subsequently, the brand develops in bras (1960) and other brands of the group are born: Passionata (1988) and Darjeeeling (1995).Chantelle is part of the eponymous group comprising six brands: Chantelle, Passionata, Chantal Thomass, Femilet, Livera and Darjeeling.

Thanks to its long history, the brand has crossed the different eras and made women's underwear evolve: corset, tulle girdle, seamless bra and shell to arrive today at one-size-fits-all lines and eco-responsible collections.

Today we find Chantelle, in its pop-up store Lab Chantelle, highlighting femininity and inclusiveness.

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