Les Petits Raffineurs

For the little sister of the Raffineurs, destined for children, the founders were aware that, even more than for adults, a space was a key element for the extension of the brand. Therefore, they asked us to create the first pop-up store to test a concept and a neighborhood so that they could potentially develop themselves there afterwards. 

Les Petits Raffineurs

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The issue of the brand:

How is it possible to embody your digital brand inside the point of sale? Is the point of sale adequate for the development plan for the brand? 

Nestore’s part: 

To work on the in-store concept, to implement tools so that they could measure performance and collect data concerning customer satisfaction.

Les Petits Raffineurs
Les Petits Raffineurs
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« After several talks with Les Raffineurs, we finally collaborated for the first time with Nestore, for Les Petits Raffineurs. We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of their locations, which is a testament to their retail expertise in the selection of places. Furthermore, their reactivity and their availability turned our operation into one that was profitable and simple to manage. Thanks Nestore and see you very soon for the second operation ;) » (translated from french)
Julien Bergis, co-founder de Les Raffineurs

Les Petits Raffineurs

Les Petits Raffineurs pop-up store 

The pop-up store Les Petits Raffineurs is characterised by a simple and contemporary style, a few plants which bring the jungle to mind, bring life to the store. The products act as “decoration” while being staged in different ways (on the wall, on the ground, on the shelf…). The use of natural materials such as wood and wicker call to mind the seamless customer experience of the brand.

Les Petits Raffineurs’ Success Story:

Les Petits Raffineurs, it is a selection of products & activities of every type, for children between the ages of 0 and 6: comforters, cuddly toys, books, music, creative hobbies. As the little sister of the known brand Les Raffineurs, Les Petits Raffineurs are pop-up stores lovers. The neighbourhood of Les Batignolles is perfectly adequate to target families with young children. The store can transform itself into a playground for children.

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Les Raffineurs