Les Raffineurs

After several years using a pure player digital model, Les Raffineurs decided to try their hand at the physical, first by testing via pop-up stores and then by opening permanent shops. Nowadays, they have an integrated and omnichannel model which is based on their e-shop, their 6 permanent shops and pop-ups to capitalize on their high periods. 

We have supported Les Raffineurs several times to help them find and refine this balance. 

Les Raffineurs

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The issue of the brand:

What target and what location should they choose to reinforce the brand during high commercial periods? 

Nestore’s part: 

With Les Raffineurs, we remarked that the pop-up played the part of a commercial reinforcement. 
To find the location according to the aimed target and the wanted period. 
To take care of the operational setup, the installation of tools to measure performance and interfacing with their tools. 

Les Raffineurs
Les Raffineurs
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Les Raffineurs

Les Raffineurs’s pop up store at the Batignolles 

In the shop, there are products carefully selected by the Raffineurs’ team which make for a panel of more than 250 products coming from every part of the world. All the universe of the brand is there: a true Ali Baba’s cave to find inspirations for gifts adapted to all kinds of budgets. Their purpose is to find original products, originating from a unique savoir-faire. In between shaving kits, trending backpacks, Whisky and several other peculiar items, every man will find a perfect product.

Les Raffineurs’ Success Story 

Les Raffineurs is a brand dedicated to men. At first, it was an e-commerce website selling products and experiences for men. 

The brand has been distributing online for 3 years now. To go and meet customers was the key which would allow them to grow. It was also a way to conquer new customers by physically implementing themselves ephemerally during Christmas and Father’s day periods. 

Since then, they have become pop-up stores enthusiasts. For every event of the year, which are key periods for a pleasure e-shop such as Les Raffineurs, they offer a new selection of products. What the team particularly loves is to tell the story of each product, and in a physical place it makes more sense. 

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