Slow Presto

Ciao Gusto is an omnichannel, italian delicatessen. Adding to their e-shop, they can also be found at Eataly and wanted to test their own store.

Slow Presto

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The issue of the brand:

Is the point of sale a distribution channel that should be favored in a development plan? 

Nestore’s part: 

To identify the target and to choose the adequate location with indicators that can measure performance. The element of comparison for this A/B physical testing was a point of sale at a retailer. 

As a result: if the point of sale is not pertinent in Slow Presto’s business model on a yearly basis, they repeated the pop-up experience several times with Nestore as a commercial reinforcement.

Slow Presto
Slow Presto
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Slow Presto

The Slow Presto ephemeral shop

“Here, we smell the pasta, the olives and we enjoy fine wines!” A grocery store filled with flavours. There is even one of the best chocolate spreads and the best Italian Panettone inside the shop.

The Italian grocery store Slow Presto’s success

Slow Presto, it is sharing, friendliness and great spirits. It is an online Italian grocery store which encompasses several Italian productors whose size is human, and which have been carefully chosen by Slow Presto’s team. 

The selection is done by paying attention to the quality of the product, its manufacturing, its flavour and its transformation. Each product is tested by members of the team.

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