The Alchemist Atelier

The Alchemist Atelier is a start-up born from a collaboration between PUIG and BOSH. 

Their ambition: to revolutionize perfume, thanks to a technology which enables everyone to create their very own perfume. According to how the perfume is used, some buy the Scent Creator while others buy various perfumes they have crafted with the help of a perfumer. 

We have supported TAA since their creation and during every step of their physical development, from the first concept they tested to the elaboration of the definitive concept, and even during the integration of the shop in an omnichannel journey and when they had to deal with Drive-to-store issues. 

The Alchemist Atelier

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The issue of the brand:

How is it possible to give weight to the concept in a physical space, to optimize mix marketing and maximise the performance of the customer journey? 

Nestore’s part: 

Our pluridisciplinary teams worked on the definition and the evolution of the in-store concept for 2 years, focusing on data analysis concerning the markets, consumers-targeted interviews and the measure of performance and in-store experience. 

A support through a Design Thinking approach: a first store for beta-testers (to collect opinions, refine the concept, form a team), a more thought-out concept for the store (alterations according to feedbacks and lessons), optimisation of the integration of this shop to a more global customer journey.

The Alchemist Atelier
The Alchemist Atelier
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"As I am established in Barcelona, Nestore was a key actor in our launch. They really helped us setting up the store, working with us on every aspect: conception, staffing, and realisation. I do not know what we would have done without Jérôme, we even gave him a nickname in our team: “MacGyver”.."

Alvaro, CEO et co-founder of The Alchemist Atelier

The Alchemist Atelier

The Alchemist Atelier pop up store: 

Behind this dark shop window, an immersive dive in the universe of perfumes and an interactive experience in a multisensorial environment await you. 

In this pop up store which unfolds lights, colours and movements, visitors are invited to explore and personally experiment the essences exhibited in the Perfume Library, with the help of perfumers in the shop. You will be able to discover every secret of perfume creation and to leave with yours. The brand owns a quite impressive olfactory repertoire. You will be able to choose your bases and your own assortments among a collection of 34 scents (16 bases and 18 assortments).

The Alchemist Atelier’s Success:

The pop up store The Alchemist Atelier is the wish to revolutionize the perfumerie sector by creating one’s own perfume thanks to a revolutionary technology: the Scent Creator. It is a connected machine that associates chosen scents together and creates a tailored perfume according to what people want. 

Today, The Alchemist finds itself collaborating with the brand L’Artisan Parfumeur. The objective being to maximise profits and lessons of other perfume brands while allowing as many people as possible to enjoy the technology and the expertise of The Alchemist Atelier.

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