We are knitters

We Are Knitters is a community brand which has to do with knitting and sells balls of wool. Based in Spain, they wanted to measure the impact and the pertinence of a physical point of sale in their retail development and chose France, the second biggest market after the US. 

We enabled them to launch a polished store concept without having to come and see it before the launch.

We are knitters

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The issue of the brand:

How relevant is a point of sale in the creation of a global customer experience and the federation of its community? 

Nestore’s part:

For this first pop-up store, We Are Knitters wished to create a polished omnichannel concept to be able to evaluate their customers’ expectations. To create their concept, to give to the store (workshop) the atmosphere of an event, to set up the interfacing with the website (online appointments, click & collect, staging posts) and the measure of performance (customer satisfaction).

We are knitters
We are knitters
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"Nestore was a big help for us! As much to find the perfect place as to organize the shop in general. We managed to organise an ephemeral store from Madrid, where the headquarters of We Are Knitters are, without going once to Paris before the set-up and the official opening of the store! Nestore helped us thanks to their time and their numerous and diverse supplier contacts which allowed us to have a centralised, general organisation.."
Anna de Lachapelle - Brand & Marketing Manager at We Are Knitters

We are knitters

The pop up store We are Knitters

The knitting brand We are Knitters settled in the Marais. The knitters, which are a true community having to do with knitting, were able to go to workshops and share their passion in the pop up store. It was a universe around the creative and colourful hobby thanks to the exhibition of balls of wool which dusted the knitting universe.

From Madrid to Paris…

We are knitters, it is a knitting and crochet brand, which uses 100% natural wool. The brand was created by Pepita Martin and Alberto Bravo, in Madrid in Spain. 

During the winter of 2019, for a year, the knitting brand opened its very first pop-up store in the Marais, at 5 rue des Blancs Manteaux, with the aim of meeting their French customer base and testing the physical channel. WAK and Nestore organised the pop-up store remotely in-between Madrid and Paris.

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