The ephemeral Petit Atelier of Octobre Éditions

Men's fashion brand Octobre Éditions, founded by the creators of the Sézane brand, is opening its second Parisian Atelier in our pop-up shop at 38 rue des Martyrs. More than just a pop-up store, it's an all-encompassing experience in the heart of the 9th arrondissement.

Octobre Éditions

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The issue of the brand:

What target and location for retail expansion?

Nestore’s part:

Search for the ideal location and shop to create a pop-up store in line with the brand's target and objectives.

Octobre Éditions
Octobre Éditions
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Octobre Éditions

The Petit Atelier October Éditions (Sézane) pop-up store

Men's fashion brand Octobre Éditions, founded by Sézane designers, is opening its second Parisian Atelier at 38 rue des Martyrs.

Called Le Petit Atelier, the brand has pulled out all the stops for its first pop-up store in the 9th arrondissement.

Inside the boutique, visitors are invited to discover the brand's pieces in a warm and elegant atmosphere. Decorative accessories, mirrors, a combination of materials to dress the boutique (velvet, wood, coconut) and warm colours... every detail helps to immerse customers in the brand's world.

This attention to detail goes far beyond the boutique itself, with street marketing, billboard campaigns, collaborations with local businesses and in-store surprises. A visit to l'Atelier is much more than just a brand experience in the boutique - it's a global experience that extends right to the doors of your neighbouring retailers.

A remarkable pop-up operation that's sure to leave its mark on the walls of our shop, the neighbourhood and its visitors!

Octobre Éditions, the men's fashion brand founded by Sézane

Behind Octobre Éditions is the Sézane brand, which has become the undisputed success story of recent years in the French women's ready-to-wear landscape. Created in 2013, in just a few short years it has built up a committed community and created a buzz that extends beyond France.

In 2016, it is targeting men. The idea is simple: to offer elegant, timeless, vintage-inspired men's wardrobe essentials. Following in the footsteps of Sézane, the brand is unveiling its collections season by season, both online and in stores, with corners at the Libre Service Sézane or at Bon Marché.

With its Atelier, the men's fashion brand aims to create its own universe in the shop and give its visitors an all-round experience.

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