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Principles and definitions of pop-up stores

Also known as an ephemeral boutique, a pop-up shop is a physical shop that opens its doors for a set period of time. By definition, "popup" comes from the English word "to pop up", meaning "to appear", a shop that appears and disappears a few days, weeks or months later.

From Nestore's point of view, the pop-up store allows brands to test and learn a physical concept, layout, location or technology over a period of several weeks.

What is a pop-up store? Definition
- The history of the pop-up store
- The diffrents pop-up store formats
- Why create a pop-up store ?
- Who can open a pop-up store ?
- A pop-up store, fad or sustainable future?

Examples of pop-up shops

Since the 2000s, the pop-up store trend has emerged as an integral part of global brand strategy. A wide range of players have tried the experiment: luxury brands such as Chanel and Chloé, international brands such as Nike and Adidas, celebrities, influencers and small designers.

Through pop-up stores, brands let their creativity do the talking, and the results can be breathtaking! Get inspired ;)

- A selection of original pop-up stores
- Examples of trendy and design pop-up stores
- Luxury brands use pop-up stores
- Influenceurs embark on the pop-up store adventure

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Best practices: how to do a popup shops ?

Nestore has put together a few best practices for getting started in ephemeral retailing. The success of your pop-up store will depend in particular on a number of steps to be taken before your event: defining the objective, integrating the ephemeral store into the brand's overall strategy, competitive analysis, communication plan, shop location, etc.

The layout of your shop window and boutique, as well as the experience inside, are key factors in the success of your operation. 

- Steps to a successful pop-up store
- Estimating the price and profitability of your pop-up store
When should you organise your pop-up store ?
In which district of Paris should you set up your pop-up store ?
Interesting French towns for your pop-up store

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measures the success of its pop-up stores

During the event, it will be important to ensure that the customer experience and the customer journey run smoothly. Without losing sight of the fact that once you've recruited a customer to your temporary shop, it's important to retain them.

To do this, you need to put in place tools to measure the performance of the point of sale and collect data in order to optimise the impact of the pop-up store.

- The pop-up store is a media 
How do you measure the success of a  pop-up store ?

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