Speed up your growth throughpop-up store&test & learn methodology

Nestore stakes on one methodology and one tool to spur your growth

well-proven methodology along with innovative tools to assess your hypotheses and drive your growth.

  • Discovery report
  • Market watch
  • Co-creation with your staff
  • Test & learn action plan

Your store becomes your lab, a workshop equipped with measurement tools and designed for greater agility in innovationapplying test & learn.

  • Pop-up store roll-out
  • Field feedback
  • Performance measurement using sensors
  • Iteration

Our answers to your retail problems

Perfomance assessment

Boost the turnover of my outlet thanks to our performance measurement methodology!

How can I improve the performance of my outlet?
How do I compare with my competitors?

methodology (built in the field) and a performance measurement tool (based on past experience) to help you analyse and optimise your sales outlet.

Recruitment and customer retention

Recruit and retain my customers at the point of sale!

How to boost customer recruitment despite rising digital acquisition costs?
How can we overcome the glass ceiling?

More than just a distribution tool, your point of sale is a channel for acquiring new customers and retaining them, with a higher and more sustainable ROI than digital marketing.

Omnichannel strategy

Build an omnichannel customer journey!

How can I improve the performance of my outlet?
How do I compare with my competitors?

From DNVBs to large groups, implementing an omnichannel strategy results in an average 30% higher customer lifetime value, more loyal and trusting customers with an average shopping basket +12%.

Diversification of acquisition channels

Identify new growth opportunities for my brand!

Are your digital acquisition costs skyrocketing and you can't seem to break through the "glass ceiling"? Do you want to boost your growth?

Together, we identify concrete ways to generate profitable growth by identifying your improvement levers and applying the best practices of the most successful brands.


Train and hire my sales staff!

Train and hire my sales staff!

85% of salespeople do not recommend their outlet. What if you were one of the 15%?

Let your salespeople become your brand ambassadors to build loyalty and acquire new customers.

The pop-up store laboratory, a polymorphous tool


Testing a new format and new experiences


Reaching out to a new target


Thoroughly exploring an innovations’ reception


Finding your brand identity, creating a PR stunt

Nestore's secret-sauce, the test & learn approach

Test, assess and optimise your retail strategy

test & learn
test and learntest and learn

This iterative approach ensures an agile, cost effective and low-risk entry in the retail game.

Targeted and efficient investments


financial risk reductions.
Flash feedback resulting in record time project completion.


Involvement of your team to bring your brand image to life with customers.


of additional value created through sales staff.

Our support adapts to your project stage


  • Discovery report
  • Audit & best practices
  • Etudes Ad hoc
  • Benchmark
  • Interviews with staff and clients


  • Customer journey
  • Omnichannel strategy
  • Customer CRM
  • Customer loyalty
  • Personalization


  • Display
  • Staffing & training
  • Drive to store
  • Payment
  • Event


  • Retail analytics
  • Scoring
  • Media Impact
  • LTV
  • Customer Xperience