The Berthie pop-up store

For its first pop-up store, it's at 5 rue des Blancs Manteaux that the ready-to-wear brand Berthie has set up shop. Born on the internet, this ephemeral boutique is an opportunity for the brand to reach out to its community and capitalise on proximity for an enriched experience.


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The issue of the brand:

How can you make your shop a destination?

Nestore’s part:

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Description of the Berthie pop-up store

It's at 5 rue des Blancs Manteaux, that the clothing brand has set up its first pop-up store. Driven by its own community, the pop-up shop has a promise: to reconnect with customers by putting proximity and advice at the heart of the in-store experience.

In-store events, video clips, fashion advice and inspiration... the brand is multiplying its communication formats to give its pop-up store greater visibility and make it a destination.

The Success Story of Berthie

The Berthie brand was founded by Cynthia Robert in 2019. Developed exclusively through e-commerce, the brand quickly crossed the borders of France, achieving 40% of its sales abroad in just a few years.

Buoyed by a committed community and a loyal customer base, Berthie is taking its first steps in retail with the ambition of offering an enriched customer experience where proximity, transparency and advice are at the heart of the in-store experience.

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