The Lenôtre ephemeral bakery shop

LeNôtre is known for its catering services and its shop network, and the brand wanted to do a pop-up to try new things: a new concept for a new target.

Then, they used part of those learnings to renovate one of their permanent shops.


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The issue of the brand:

How is it possible to reach a new target and improve my conversion rate?

Nestore’s part:

Nestore co-built alongside LeNôtre its concept to try it out according to a benchmark and the analysis of its data: elaboration of the concept, choice of the products, drive-to-store.

At the same time, we evaluated the performance of the concept and its potential to last.

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« We were seduced by the stature of this stunning place, ideally located. Moreover, we appreciated the ability to listen and the open mindedness of the Nestore teams, which did their very best to answer to our needs.» (translated from french)
Marine Ricklin, Communication Manager at Lenôtre


The LeNôtre ephemeral bakery

It is in order to put forth the chefs, the products and to communicate with a new customer base by implementing themselves in the new neighborhood, Etienne Marcel, that LeNôtre created its pop up store. 

The Success Story of LeNôtre’s bakery

“The baking, you know, we don’t do it to feed people, but to offer them some sweetness to share.” Gaston Lenôtre

The Lenôtre bakery is a collective of chefs who put the transmission of knowledge at the crux of their methodology. The chefs blend innovation and quality together to adapt themselves to a demanding customer base. Lenôtre embodies the “Parisian House of treats” in warm living places. They own 3 types of concepts: the “gifting” adapted to small areas, we find it in touristic places; the “corner” in which the offer evolves during the day; and the “Café Lenôtre” with a sugary and salted offer where it is possible to savour products on site or to go. Today, there are 11 Lenôtre stores in Ile de France and one in Cannes.

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