The Herbarium pop-up store in Paris

Herbarium is a herbarium brand developed by two sisters, Marion & Pauline. Born in digital, the brand very quickly developed into a boutique with a strong concept that has evolved through various experiments.


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The issue of the brand:

To what extent does a fixed location reinforce the power of your brand and your customer experience?

Nestore’s part:

On the strength of very conclusive initial feedback, support in finding a first permanent location, refining the concept in a first shop of its own.
Implementation of measurement tools (performance & customer satisfaction).
Assessing the relevance of the workshops to the brand strategy (loyalty, acquisition).
Managing data collection.

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« Nestore has always found places to suit my needs, they are very good listeners and are very willing to make suggestions. » (translated from french)
Marion Ruilhat, co-founder at Herbarium


The Herbarium pop-up store

The short-lived Herbarium boutique has opened its doors in the family-friendly Batignolles district. The minimalist, country-style boutique showcases the brand's pretty frames of dried plants. The aim is to dust off the image of herbariums by creating workshops where customers can create their own herbarium using flowers dried beforehand by the Herbarium team.

A boutique workshop that combines a decoration boutique with florist codes.

The Herbarium Success Story

The modern, minimalist version of the herbarium is the idea behind the brand created in 2016 by Marion and Pauline, two creative sisters with a passion for the poetic world of plants. Their concept is a boutique-workshop, set up in the Batignolles district, enabling transparent communication about the herbarium-making process. Today, Herbarium has collaborated with a number of brands including Sézane, l'Artisan Parfumeur and Caudalie.

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