24S ephemeral bakery by Tal Spiegel

The 24S brand and Chef Tal Spiegel (@Desserted_in_Paris) have teamed up to launch an ephemeral patisserie featuring fashion creations in the heart of the Marais district from 7 to 14 December 2022.

Pâtisserie 24S

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The issue of the brand:

From luxury fashion to patisserie, how do you create an original experience around your brand and get your community to come into the shop?

Nestore’s part:

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Pâtisserie 24S
Pâtisserie 24S
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Pâtisserie 24S

From the 24S e-commerce brand to bakery products

24S is an e-commerce platform belonging to the LVMH group. Positioned in the luxury sector with all the spirit of Paris, 24S offers a selection of over 300 fashion and beauty brands, from the biggest luxury houses to emerging designers, including the talents of the LVMH Prize.

24S has teamed up with chef and influencer Tal Spiegel to launch its ephemeral patisserie. Known for his instagram @Desserted_in_Paris, with over 300k subscribers, Tal Spiegel shares her best gourmet discoveries with us, along with her most original pairs of shoes.

A temporary patisserie for 24S

For 1 week, chef Tal Spiegel has chosen to create a Haute Couture pastry by representing iconic fashion pieces in pastry:

- the Réédition vinyl skirt by Courrèges
- the First bag by Fendi
- the Stud One by Valentino
- the 6-button jacket by Balmain
- the Arthur Sneakers by Burberry
- the Swipe Bag by Coperni
- the Pansy Beanie by Acne Studios

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